Rundgang an den Externsteinen Zurück

Die 10.10 - Die 10.10.2017
Horn-Bad Meinberg
Haimo Grebenstein E-Mail

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One can argue that this site is not proven to be an ancient sacrificial site, but this shouldn’t keep us away. There are so many myths and legends around the place as well as a lot of questions that haven’t really been academically answered, yet...

For heathens in Germany this is a difficult place. On one hand, this place somehow is the origin of one of the very few “continental” symbols of contemporary heathenry, the “Irminsul”. And it certainly isn’t wrong to say, that the site has become something like a “modern sacred site”, lots of people do offerings there and my wife and I held our “heathen wedding” there, as many others perform rituals, too.
On the other hand it is absolutely clear that the theories around the “Irminsul” have been created by actual Nazis in the 1930’s. They tried to prove the site to be an authentic “Germanic sacred site” but actually didn’t succeed in doing so.

Our guide will be Christian Kordas, one of the people I know the longest among Germen heathens and a good friend. He has profound knowledge about everything around the Externsteine and has done guided tours before.

We will also have lunch there at the „Felsenwirt“, a restaurant located on-site.

It is planned to stay around 4 to 5 hours at the Externsteine, it’s a huge area.